4.1.2 The Conductor’s Resources

The Conductor’s Resources

Unlike the time-beater of the past, the modern conductor has access to a vast array of resources in the form of scores, recordings, videos and online materials to help prepare for rehearsal and performance.

A Conductor’s Resources

(Allow around 5 minutes for this activity)

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned so far. What do you think the conductor’s most important resource is?


One response to this might be ‘the music’. Perhaps a better one is ‘the music and the musicians.’ A conductor is not a conductor without a choir, band or orchestra to make the musical sounds.

So far in this course, you have considered practical elements of technique and rehearsal and theoretical aspects of preparation for rehearsal and performance. These skills are not the full package, however. What the conductor does not have is an instrument to practise on.  The musical instrument for the conductor is the orchestra (or choir or band) – a group of living, breathing human beings. One of the key skills of the conductor is leadership.

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