Figure 1.18 Baton (photo © UiS)

In this section we have:

  • Considered the important of posture, both in terms of how musicians perceive the conductor and the conductor’s own health and wellbeing
  • Learned about the preparatory gesture; its importance in conveying to musicians how to play as well as when to play; and the effect this gesture can have on the musicians
  • Explored basic patterns for 2, 3 and 4 beats in a bar and how to apply those to staccato and legato characters
  • Applied these beat patterns to the first three workbook exercises
  • Begun to consider the role of the non-baton hand

If you are a student conductor or already starting out on a conducting career, there is more advanced material along with many more workbook exercises in the Technique chapter of the ConductIT website. For learners getting to grips with the essentials, continue to the next section where you will learn some fundamentals of rehearsing.

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